Kiddies Dress Up Box

Introducing our NEW “Kiddies Dress Up Boxes”!

Don’t we all remember a time when we used to sneak into Mom or dad’s cupboard…..clopping around in her high heels while pretending that dads shirt made the perfect doctors jacket?

Dressing up has been one of the most natural ways to allow kids to live out their creative and imaginative fantasies, whether it be cowboys and indians or pretending to be Tinkerbell in the garden. Children can be very imaginative when it comes to using ordinary everyday clothing and turning them into grand costumes. However, we are here to assist and make this an even easier task in creating the perfect “dress up box” for you child.

There are many benefits to your childs growth and development when it comes to pretend play! To find out more about the benefits – visit this website for more info…

Dress up is so much more than a way to pass an afternoon. It’s an important piece of childhood imaginative play, with so many benefits and on the Plus side – ABSOLUTE FUN!!!!

So why not try one of our dress up boxes! It’s easy…..

• This consists of an assortment of 6 costumes with accessories as well as a various assortment of other items such as eg. Hat / beads / wings etc. all packed into a box and couriered to your door! Alternatively you can arrange your own collection and return.

***please note the suitcase is not included***

• All we need to know is the age of the child and approximate size of clothing they wear, the gender and lastly any interests such as occupation / favourite character. We will then choose from our range of over 300 kiddies costumes and create a personalized dress up box for your child.

• The Cost: The hire fee will be R800 – this includes the hire for 1 week. We also require a deposit of R800 which is refunded on the return of the box and all items are accounted for and undamaged. We will include a packing list as well as a photo of the enclosed. Costumes will not need to be cleaned – this will be done by us on return. The courier fee will depend on where you are based – please let us know and we will confirm the costs.