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Guillotine photo prop - Code: 1811


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“Off with their heads……”

With this photo prop it looks like the dreaded guillotine, made so famous during the French revolution, is cutting off a persons head.

This prop is made from hard printed card and folds out to be able to stand on a raised surface. Your guest will then put their face by the hole in the card and a photo can be taken. It will appear that he or she is having their head chopped off.

Now the added bonus is this is a double sided prop. When it is turned around, it appears that the persons head is being chopped off by an executioner wearing a black hooded mask and using a huge axe.

Either way, not a good way to go…..eeek!  Makes the expresssion “Off with his head” suddenly come to life.

Prop measures 94 cm x 64 cm.