About Us

Who we are, what we do?


Scalliwags is a family run business, run by Malcolm, Mandy and Janine Cairns. Established 22 years ago in a small room in our house and now operating from a 600sq premises in New Redruth, Alberton.

Costuming has long been in the family as both our daughters were avid dancers and performers.

A passion for detail and authenticity as well as the presentation and cleanliness of our costumes, has been the key factors in making our business a success.

From very humble beginnings, we now import a vast majority of our costumes and try to maintain them in the best manner possible. We strive to always give the best advice and guidance when hiring a costume and our friendly staff, try their best to keep up with the latest requests.

Our customer base, having grown at first purely by word of mouth, has now expanded in the last 8 years to over 30000. With the introduction of a fully operational website and on-line store we have been able to reach customers all over South Africa and surrounds.

In 2013 we introduced our sister company called The Halloween Store –  an on-line store– the first of its kind in Africa and it caters for all those scare fanatics.

2015 began with a very successful trip to a large Halloween and Party trade show and we will continue bringing in a  number of new and exciting products each and every year.

At Scalliwags we will be trying to provide our very valued regular customers something a whole lot different. We thank them for all their wonderful support over all these years and we are proud that Scalliwags and The Halloween Store will be here for a whole lot longer.

To visit our sister store……Click Here!