Here are just a few pics of costumes in our kiddies range! There are so many various characters, countries, heroes, eras, animals and more to choose from! Please note – some costumes may only be available in one size – so please contact us now to find out more regarding size and availability! Wonderland Rabbit […]

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The start of the Easter Bunny is thought to have become common somewhere around the 19th Century. Rabbits usually give birth to a big litter of babies (called kittens), so they then became a symbol of new life. Legend now has it that the Easter Bunny lays, decorates and hides eggs as they are also

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Circus / Clowns / Gypsies

Everyone loves a trip to the circus, although if you want to dress up in this theme why not try something with a little twist? Vintage Circus, Dark Circus, something weird and wonderful or even just the fun and classic theme! Check out our range below….this is definitely an entertaining and magical theme! Pretty Parisian

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Day of the Dead

One of the most famous  and biggest Mexican celebrations – Day of the Dead / All Saints’ Day / Dia de  Muertos…..a day to honour and pay respects to lost loved ones! Typical Mexican fashion,  the festival is vibrant and colourful, with skeleton themed paraphernalia …….this is definitely a popular theme! Below are a range

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Halloween!! The biggest costume and party time of the year! The imagination can run wild. Whether you would like something scary, ghoulish or horror movie related then this is definitely a range for you! But remember Halloween is not just dressing as something scary… means you can dress as absolutely anything – so browse through all

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Characters – Movie / TV

A night at the Oscars…..? Movie Stars…..Hollywood Characters….even TV Series? This is certainly the section for you. Dress as a famous movie character…..whether its your favourite action hero, superhero, princess or even animation! View the range below to get an idea of what we stock. REMEMBER movies have been created out of almost any theme….so

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Superheroes and Villains

Is it a bird????? Is it a plane????? No its……. Superheroes and Villains!! One of the most popular dress up themes! Whether you are attending a heroes and villains theme party or want to be a cartoon or movie character, then have a look at some of the options we have available below! Explore our

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Couple Costume Ideas

In every theme there are couple costumes! Costumes that compliment each other.  Whether you just want to match such as a pair of Hippies, go as a couple from a movie such as Alice and the Hatter……or even an opposite couple such as a Policeman and Prisoner! There is such a variety to choose from

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Mardi Gras / Carnival

If your theme is Mardi Gras or Carnival….then this is the range for you. Remember that “Carnival” is an annual festival which involves music, dancing and the use of masquerade! You can wear absolutely anything as long as you are bright and colourful and a little over the top!! Mardi Gras or otherwise known as

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Uniforms – Medical

Doctors and Nurses! Surgeons and patients…..why not have a bit of fun with this medical theme range of costumes. From Sexy nurses to Naughty dentists, why not a mental patient or a bloody surgeon to!  We also sell a few products in this theme – to view… click here… Curvy Nurse Say Ahhh Nurse Doctor Nurse

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Medieval / Renaissance

Travel back to the middle ages…..where King Arthur Ruled in Camelot! There were Knights and Wenches, Maidens and Noblemen…..even Witches, Wizards and Fairies! The options are endless…….if Medieval and Renaissance is what you need then have a look below….. Dragon Princess Evil Queen Joan of Arc Thunder Viking Vixen Robin Hood – Suede Sherwood Wench

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New Arrivals

Check out the pics below – some of our Latest Arrivals! Who does not love something new! Take a peak at some of the newest arrivals at Scalliwags Costume Hire! As new costumes arrive throughout the year – they will be loaded here. For more costumes in all our various ranges, please visit out rentals

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Senoritas and Senors……dress in these Spanish classics…..whether you would like to be a flamenco dancer or a bull fighter then this is the range for you. View some of the options below to get an idea of what we stock! Sequin Spanish Lady Sequin Spanish Dancer Spanish Rumba Lady Senorita 4 Velvet deluxe Senorita Spicy Senorita

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Egyptian / Roman / Grecian

Travel back to Ancient times….Egyptian, Roman and Grecian….. Dress up as Cleopatra and Marc Anthony  or Julius Ceaser! Be one of the Mythical Gods and Goddesses…..or  how about a fierce Gladiator! You could even transform into characters such as Maximus and Troy – all from many greats movies….the choice is yours! Check out the range

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Sail the seas with pirates, buccaneers and Scalliwags! Whether you want to be a sexy Pirate wench or Captain of the high seas then this is the section for you. Browse through our wide range of wenches, captains and pirates treasures! Pirate Wench Curvy Pirate Pirate Buccaneer Beauty Gold Doubloon Pirate Rustic Pirate Lady Ruby

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1980’s / Disco

During the late 1960’s all the way to the early 1980’s came about the era of dance…..DISCO! When bling and bright colours was all the fashion….flared pants and halter tops! And a time when Saturday night fever was all the rage….browse Through some of the disco costumes below.  Check out our online store for additional

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Mafia / Gatsby / 1920’s

What an elegant era the 1920’s was! Imagine yourself in a world of Gangsters and Molls! Feathers, pearls, fringing and Tommy Guns! From the Great Gatsby movie – to Chicago’s “Razzle dazzle”! Dance the charleston, listen to jazz…..while at the speakeasy!  Whether you want to be the god Father….or a character from the Great Gatsby

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Premier Collection

If you want that something special – then this is the range for you. With all sorts of characters to choose from, you will certainly be noticed! Why not browse through the range below, these are just some of the amazing selection available. These costumes vary in pricing from R300 to R700. Elegant Empress Fantasy

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German / Oktoberfest

It does not have to be October to dress up in this theme! Are you attending a country themed party? Or a beerfest or Oktoberfest party? Maybe you would just like to dress as a Bavarian Bar maid or a Tavern Wench! Don’t forget the Lederhosen and of course the BEER! We stock a range

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Elite Costume Collection

  Unleash your seductive side into a magical world of endless possibilities. From Pirates to Princesses, Vampires to Fairies ….. the choice is yours! Are you looking for that something extra special? Then take a look at the exquisite range of Elite costumes below! In this range the costumes are R1000 each to hire with

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